Robert Reinard
Vertical Lines Pittsburgh (PIT) to Philadelphia (PHL) 27 minutes 16 seconds; Horizontal Lines Phialdelphia (PHL) to Chicago (MDW) 1 hour 25 minutes 46 seconds.
Ink on Paper
8 x 8 in.
This drawing started innocently enough and similar in many ways to other time based drawings I've done. However, the constraints of being on a plane, obligated to draw for as long as I was allowed to have my tray table down had an interesting result. I only had two pens, and about 20 minutes into the flight from Philadelphia to Chicago they were both out of ink.

According to the framework established before I started the drawing, I had to keep going despite not being able to find another pen. In doing so, I wore the felt out of the tip of the pen completely and was dragging the metal ferrule across the paper for the remaining hour we were airborne. The result was the drawing to the right. The tip of the pen dragged material off the paper creating these small ink-soaked balls barely touching the paper and the drawing took on an object quality.
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