Robert Reinard
Caravaggio ICaravaggio IIDurer IDurer IIIDurer IVDurer VDurer VIDurer VIIMichelangelo IMichelangelo IIModigliani IIIModigliani IVModigliani VIIIModigliani IXModigliani XModigliani XIReinard after Raphael after MichelangeloRembrandt IRembrandt IIRembrandt IIIRembrandt IVTintoretto ITintoretto IITintoretto IVTintoretto III
This work appropriates existing paintings and drawings by both well and lesser know artists in order to replicate portions of that source material. These works are simultaneously observational representations and abstractions.

There are a few criteria for selection as source material:

1. I've never seen that particular work in person, only reproductions.

2. I have access to or have seen in person at least one other work by the same artist (or students of that artist) to study process and materials.

3. I have access to comparable materials as the source.