Robert Reinard
Under a Tree by the Trailhead at Harold Arts Farm, 2:48pm 7/14/11-12:32pm 7/23/11 (213 hours, 44 minutes)Under Wildflowers by the Pond at Harold Arts Farm, 3:06pm 7/15/11-4:12pm 7/22/11 (97 hours, 6 minutes)Under a Tree by the Pond at Harold Arts Farm, 3:04pm 7/15/11 - 4:10pm 7/22/11 (97 hours, 6 minutes)One Year Drawing (4H Pencil Nov. 14, 2009-Nov 15, 2010)Horizontal Lines riding the bus or train. Vertical Lines waiting for the bus or train. (2 hours, 3 minutes, 39 seconds. 2 Pigma Micron Pens. 2 Round trips: 2 buses, 4 trains)1 hour, 23 min drawing, exhausting a pen found in the studioSharpie Fine Point, 43 minutes Calculating Pi by drawing a circle & measuring its diameter and circumference, then dividing the circumference by the diameter. (43 minutes, 35 seconds)Calculating the radius of a circle with the circumference of 29.375 inches in order to draw the circle as accurately as possible. (56 minutes, 22 seconds. Resultant circle: Diameter: 9.375 in. Circumference 29.875One stick of Compressed Charcoal (1 Hour 38 Minutes and 25 seconds)Solving the Fibonacci Series (1 hour, 40 minutes, 13 seconds)1/2 Jar of Charcoal Powder (6 months)Vertical Lines Pittsburgh (PIT) to Philadelphia (PHL) 27 minutes 16 seconds; Horizontal Lines Phialdelphia (PHL) to Chicago (MDW) 1 hour 25 minutes 46 seconds.
Time Based
This work uses time to establish a conceptual framework that determines the mechanism for the creation of the work. The time spent on each drawing can be a predetermined duration, defined by the media, based on the times/durations of other events or activities, or a combination of the above. Once the initial conditions for the drawing are determined, the process is mechanical. The end result is not based on aesthetic decisions, but on a rigorous adherence to the initial conceptual framework.