Robert Reinard
Solar SystemWesley Willis and ProgressDave, thith ith your maDave, thith ith your ma (Detail)Dave, thith ith your ma (Detail)Dave, thith ith your ma (Detail)Sven Disguised as a RobeastStumbling CorpseAttack of the ChupacabraTotal Ninja Style Lunch ScrollCharon and HermesAnubisHomunculus StudyEscape of the HomunculusHey there Little Red Riding HoodOnce, I Told my Boss that I Had to Quit so I Could Sue SomeoneOr That the Only Tools They Have are Bows and Arrows, and They’re Trying to Use Them like Walkie Talkies. You live in L.A. quit bitching about having to eat Spielberg's garbage.BushidoThe Stupid Things People SayThe Stupid Things People Say (detail)Two Slit Experiment (Acting like a wave/acting like a particle)Zombie Knife FightZombie Knife Fight (detail)Zombie Knife Fight (detail)
Older work
This work is based around a few principles: to avoid thematic and formal repetition as much as possible; to find motivation from a number of sources including science, pop culture, clichéd artistic conventions, myth, and history; and to search out and make room for strange associations both within a single piece and the overall body of work. This last principle is important because it fundamentally informs the first two principles.

I am committed to understanding the art object as a puzzle or problem to be solved by the artist rather than passing that responsibility to the viewer. To that end, I may begin working with an idea but not with a result in mind. Then, throughout the process, I pause to question where that opening idea and its subsequent reactions have taken me, and what the next logical step should be. This questioning opens the work up to the strange associations on which I rely. Through these associations, I find connections that might seem absurd on the surface, but they are completely logical and relevant to the specific object. The ideas and internal logic vary among works, but each grows, changes as necessary, and approaches resolution until reaching a point where no more choices need to be (or can be) made.